Laminate flooring, especially laminate wood flooring, is a popular choice for homeowners in the Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County areas. Laminate flooring is easy to install, budget-friendly, and can look just like real hardwood! It also comes in stone-look tiles if you’re looking for alternatives to stone flooring. Think this durable, moisture-resistant flooring is for you? Our experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter can help guide you in the right choice! Here are some creative ways to install laminate flooring in your home:

1. Play With Color laminate wood-look flooring in bedroom

Combining a couple different colors of laminate wood planks can create a beautiful, interesting effect. Don’t mix it up too much — it’s a good idea to keep the general style and look of the laminate the same so things don’t seem too unnatural. Our professionals at Floor Coverings International Jupiter can help guide you in choosing out the best 2 or 3 colors to create this look.

2. Go Bold

A clean, modern beach house look can be created with whitewashed laminate. This is a stunning, bold look that can really open up a room! However, it is also more susceptible to showing dirt and dings. A good alternative is just a lighter, blonde shade of laminate. It will still open up your room but not show as much dirt!

laminate in pattern

3. Make a Pattern

Create interesting patterns using laminate flooring. This is a great way to create a floor that is unique and eye-catching! Patterns such as herringbone can be a nice way to personalize your space and make it unique without being too drastic.

4. Create a Statement Piece 

While laminate flooring is most often used on the floor, don’t let that limit your creativity! It can also be used to create a statement wall in a room, or even on the ceiling! Be sure to consult with our specialists first before tackling a unique project — we can help guide your project in the right direction. 

Add Laminate Flooring to Your West Palm Beach Home

Laminate flooring can be a great way to let your creativity sparkle and make your Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County home feel special. Interested in any of these ideas, or have some new ideas of your own for installing laminate in a creative way? Our professionals as Floor Coverings International Jupiter would love to help create your vision! Contact us today for a free in-home design consultation.

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