Brazilian cherry hardwood floors in West Palm BeachWant a unique look for your West Palm Beach home? Exotic hardwoods offer excellent durability with rich, eye-catching colors. Loosely defined, exotic hardwoods are types of wood grown and harvested outside of North America. While not as affordable and readily available as domestic hardwoods, exotic materials like Brazilian cherry and Australian cypress give any room a beautiful and luxurious feel. Considering exotic hardwoods? Let our experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter guide you with some helpful tips.


Generally, exotic hardwoods are extremely dense, hard, and durable. Teak, mahogany, and Brazilian cherry are all high on the Janka scale of hardness. This makes them very resistant to scratching and denting. Some varieties, like purpleheart and Australian cypress, are mid-range on the Janka scale. However, regardless of rating, an exotic wood floor will stand up well to wear and should last for many years.


Hardwood floors are typically easy to maintain. Exotics, which are harder than most domestic wood types, will be hold up well to foot traffic and activity. However, dark varieties of hardwood (such as mahogany or Brazilian cherry) will be more likely to show dust. Regular sweeping or vacuuming is recommended to keep your floors looking their best.


Exotic hardwoods come in a wide range of colors, but they all tend to have rich, vibrant tones and eye-catching grain patterns. Brazilian cherry is known for its reddish hue, Australian cypress has dark knots, and tigerwood is named for its stripe-like variations in color. Or if you want a truly unique floor, look for purpleheart – a wood with a surprising purple hue.

Availability & Cost

Exotic hardwoods have to be imported from around the world, so not all types are readily available. There may also be limitations in sizes and cuts of a particular wood. In addition, some exotic woods are harvested from tropical rainforests and other endangered ecosystems, raising concerns about sustainability. Due to their desirability and rarity, exotic hardwoods tend to be more expensive than domestic hardwoods.

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