transition stripDifferent areas of the home require different types of flooring. This is where a transition strip comes in to play. Transition strips are put at the seam where two different flooring types meet and help join the floor coverings to be more cohesive. Read on to learn more about transition strips and how to choose the right one for your project.

Choosing a Floor Transition Strip

If you’re thinking of updating the flooring in your Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County home, it’s likely that you’ll have to pick out a transition strip! There are different types of transitions available and the one you should choose depends on several factors. Our team at Floor Coverings International Jupiter are experts on floor installation and are ready to help you figure out what type of transition strip you need. 

Types of Floor Transition Strips:

  • Carpet to Ceramic: This is for a transition between low-pile carpet and a ceramic tile floor. A non-visible aluminum strip is placed down under the carpet, with some spikes facing up that help it to grip the carpet. This metal track sits up against the ceramic tile but isn’t actually attached to it, and then a vinyl transition strip snaps into the metal track and sits on the surface of both the carpet and the tile.
  • 4-in-1 Transition Strip: This type of strip can be used with 4 different types of floors! The idea is that you pick and choose the parts you need. This might be convenient, but ultimately you’ll probably end up paying for pieces you don’t use.
  • Hard Surface to Hard Surface: This is a t-shaped transition strip that connects hard surfaces that are at a similar height. This strip will work between stone, ceramic, wood, or laminate. It’s inserted in narrow seams between the floors, and the top of the strip lays close to the surface of the flooring materials.
  • Tile to Laminate: This strip is for tile flooring to laminate transitions, and generally the strip will match the laminate floor covering. Often, due to the way it’s installed, tile flooring will sit is higher than laminate, so this strip accounts for that change in height.
  • Wood to wood: This strip is known as a seam binder and tends to be about 5 inches wide. It lays flat on top of two equal height wood floors and is screwed in. 
  • Vinyl to tile: This strip matches vinyl flooring and transitions upward to the ceramic floor, similar to the way a tile-to-laminate strip works. 
  • Carpet edge gripper: This strip is an aluminum piece that holds onto the carpet edge and transitions to whatever surface is below the carpet.

If you aren’t sure which type of transition strip will work best for your flooring, be sure to consult our team at Floor Coverings International Jupiter. We’ll provide you the expert guidance and installation you need for your flooring dreams to come true. It all begins with a free in-home consultation!

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