Your hallways are a very important component of your home. The hallways are important because they are the entrance and exit to most of the important rooms in your home. They create the transitions and are visible from many locations throughout the home. To make sure you are getting the most out of your hallway, consider these tips to ensure you achieve the look and practicality that will work best for your home and lifestyle.


One of the great advantages to having hallways is that you can utilize that space to create additional storage. It’s a great place to put items that you access often like keys, jackets, or shoes.  There are many ways to store items in a hallway including shelves, drawers, hangers and more. The right choice for your situation depends on your space and what you wish to store.


The most important component of the hallway to ensure that it looks great are you decorations. Your walls and trim are very important, but so are any paintings, pieces of furniture, lighting and artwork that you have in the hallway. Consider adding something, like a clay pot or antique, into the corner of a hallway to add personality.


Your flooring choice is important for the decoration but also much more. Different types of flooring are much warmer, easier to keep clean or durable. You want something that will look great but also work well with the rest of the hallway and the surrounding rooms. Consider hardwoods or tile for a harder floor that is easier to keep clean and carpet for a warmer floor. There are many looks that are achievable using any of these three types of flooring, so be sure to look at your options.

Your hallways are a place that you use often, so be sure they are providing you with all the all the aesthetic and practical needs for you life. Changing even a small component of the hallway can have a big effect on the feel as you transition between the different rooms in your home. Every hallway is different, and ultimately you want your hallway to reflect yourself and your personal preferences.