Patterned carpeting is a great way to pump up the look of your room with a touch of style and design. Carpets with unique and interesting patterns make for dramatic statement floors that are sure to impress. From basic traditional patterns, to bold geometric prints, from monochromatic patterns to vibrant color mixtures, patterned carpets are both beautiful and versatile. But for some people, patterned carpeting can be intimidating. This is a reasonable worry, because it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a room that looks busy and distracting rather than stylish and cohesive. But with these tips from Floor Coverings International of Jupiter and West Palm Beach, FL, you can learn how to incorporate patterned carpets into your home in the best way possible.

Color Coordination

Keeping color in mind is the key to good interior design, and this is especially true when you’re also dealing with patterns. It’s a fairly simple thing to choose a plain carpet color for a carpet flooring without a pattern. But when you take into account patterns you have to be a bit more discerning in your color choices. The first thing you need to consider is the color of the pattern itself. Do you want vibrant, contrasting colors? Or mellow colors with only slight variations? Also keep in mind the colors of your room and furniture. You don’t want to choose a patterned carpet that clashes with the colors of your walls. Choose colors that meld with the rest of the room and don’t overwhelm the pattern of the carpet.

Picking a Pattern

Obviously, picking a pattern is the most important aspect of choosing to install a patterned carpet. The pattern that you choose can make or break the look of your room. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that there are nearly limitless pattern options, so you don’t need to stick with any traditional looks unless you want to. For a more modern and minimal room, try something like herringbone or chevron patterns, which are sleek and stylish as well as minimal and geometric. If you’re aesthetic is more bohemian then try a floral print with a pattern of organic loops and curves. Don’t go overboard though, if you choose a busy carpet in a busy room it can make the space seem small and cluttered.

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