There are many flooring options out there, all of which have their benefits. The looks and feels of the different floors vary tremendously, which is probably the number one determinant of what floor you should choose for your next project. Practicality is also very important. Some floors are easier to keep clean, warmer or mesh better with the surrounding environment. We focus here on the practicality of these floors because of how durable they. There are tradeoffs to this, but having a hard floor means that you are investing in a floor that will last for years.

Stone Floors

Some stone floors are among the most durable flooring option and last for years. Many choose to put this type of flooring in areas outside because it can handle the weather. The look is unique, though, so make sure that you are comfortable with the unique look and feel of stone floors before you have them installed.

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl is a great flooring choice because it comes in many styles and is durable. The design you choose for your vinyl floor can mimic the look of many other flooring types including stone or wood. It has many other benefits as well including easy to clean and long lasting which make it a popular floor.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are the most classic of these three flooring options and range in durability depending on what wood type you choose. The floors can last for years with proper care which includes resurfacing and restaining to protect from wear and tear.

These floors also provide a great aesthetic look that is unique and wonderful. Many choose these floors for their projects because of the look rather than the durability, but the durability is certainly an added benefit. Contact Floor Coverings International of Jupiter to learn more about these flooring options and to see the great selection of quality floors that are available.