With so many different carpet materials on the market, finding the one that best suits your needs can be difficult. Many Palm Beach homeowners already know what they want from their carpet – they just don’t know which type of carpet will meet those needs! In order to help you navigate the world of carpet, the experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter have compiled a list of the best carpet choices for some of Palm Beach homeowners’ most pressing needs, including durability, comfort, and more.

Durable CarpetsNylon carpet Palm Beach

Many homeowners are on the hunt for carpets that prioritize durability. These will last longer and look great, even in high traffic areas of the home like the staircase or hallway. Nylon carpet is going to be your best bet for durability. This synthetic fiber is resistant to crushing, pilling, and abrasion. Nylon carpet is also commonly treated with stain protectant, meaning that it will hold up well even in environments with messy kids and pets.

Carpets for Comfort

Carpet is the go-to flooring choice for rooms where homeowners want an extra touch of comfort, like the living room or bedroom. Wool carpet is by far the most luxurious option for homeowners seeking softness and warmth. The unique cellular structure of a wool hair makes it extra soft, insulating, and even exceptionally durable. However, this material tends to absorb moisture, so keep it away from the wetter areas in the home, or go for a wool rug instead.

Hypoallergenic CarpetingHypoallergenic Carpet Palm Beach

Carpet is not generally a great choice for homeowners with allergies, as most carpets have fibers that trap allergens and dust. Seagrass carpet, however, offers a soft alternative that is allergen free and easy to clean. Seagrass is a plant-based material that is not generally dyed or treated with chemicals like synthetic carpet is, making it a great choice for chemical-sensitive individuals. Seagrass is commonly woven into looped carpeting or rugs, so there are no long, fluffy fibers to trap dust and allergens. Its flat, nonporous surface may not be as cushiony as a regular carpet, but it is much easier to clean and is even antimicrobial!

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