holiday flooringIt is the holiday season, which means you may be hosting parties or having people over more often. Have you thought about how are you going to protect your flooring from stains, scratches, and damage caused by all that foot traffic?  Use these tips from Floor Coverings International Jupiter to make sure your home looks its best while defending it from dirt, stains, and scratches created by your guests.

Protect Your Hardwoods

Your aging hardwood floors will have a better chance of surviving all that foot traffic if you have your local flooring professionals apply a new layer of polyurethane. It creates a hard, clear barrier that protects the wood by helping to prevent water damage and deep scratches.

Area Rugs and Runners to Prevent Damage

Add a mat by the front and back doors in order to prevent sand and dirt from coming in.  Carpet runners protect your flooring in halls and major walkways. An area rug under the dining table stops heels from scuffing the floors.

Add Felt and Rubber Feet for Your Furniture

Make sure chairs and tables won’t leave a black mark or scratch your tile or hardwoods. Add a rubber or felt protective pad to their feet and let the visitors use your home without creating any damage. Even your couches and beds should have soft feet installed to better protect your flooring.

Update Stain Protection for Carpets and Grout

Your tile floors may benefit from having the grout cleaned and resealed. This can stop a glass of wine becoming a permanent mark on your floors. Next, have your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned followed by an application of stain protection.

Leave the Shoes at the Door

Years of dirt and sand tracked into the house on the bottom of flip flops and shoes create the most damage by grinding it into your floors. A bench and shoe rack at the front door invites your friends to leave the dirt at the door and enjoy your home in their soft socks.

Get Started Today

For more information on how to best protect your flooring, give your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter a call today! We proudly provide the Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County area with free in-home design consultations.

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