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Having a small home is trendy these days, and small houses can be good for practical reasons, too. Still, having small rooms in your home presents a challenge when decorating. Try these small-house decorating secrets from experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter to visually enlarge your living space:

  • Rooms may look larger with big furniture. It may seem illogical, but larger furnishings, with clean lines and plenty of open space between them can make your rooms look more expansive.
  • Clutter works against you. Storage can be a challenge in a small living space, but try to contain belongings attractively. Use decorative boxes or baskets for coffee-table clutter. Put items in drawers if you need them handy, instead of leaving them in view.
  • Create built-ins. If your home didn’t come with built-in shelving or cabinets, you can fake the built-in look by painting a bookshelf to match the wall — or use a different shade of your wall color, for a high-end designer look.
  • Use combo furniture. Use an ottoman (with hidden storage) as a coffee table. You’ll get more bang for your living space buck.
  • Create a focal point. If you have a fireplace, it’s a natural choice. Or you could showcase a nice piece of artwork or even a unique sofa. Then let all your other furnishings coordinate with the focal point, rather than fighting with it for attention. One focal point in a small room is best.
  • Use mirrors to your advantage. Adding mirrors can double your space, visually. Use them across from a great window view to create the illusion of another window and bring in more light. Add a large mirror to bring attention to your room’s focal point (see above) or to brighten an unused alcove in the room.
  • Consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is durable and easy to keep clean. It also adds clean lines to your room and may reflect the sun just a bit to brighten the room. Both of these qualities add size to your room.
  • Allow space in-between. Keep plenty of open space between furnishings, even if you have to use fewer pieces. (Keep extra, foldable, or stackable seating in a closet, or bring in kitchen chairs if you have more guests than living room seating.) Open space gives you breathing room and visually expands your living area.
  • Avoid crowding walls. Wall clutter is just as confining as too much furniture or cluttered surfaces. If you have lots of small, framed photos, group them and leave some open wall space around the grouping. A large piece of artwork can also look great; simply leave plenty of wall space around it.
  • Paint. Light wall and/or ceiling paint colors can open up your room.

If your tiny house is a bit too tiny, or if you have a larger home with several small rooms, make the area look more spacious with these decorating tips. Try a few of them and enjoy your new, “larger” home.

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Photo Credit: Solepsizm