There’s more to floor installation than just laying down new flooring. Choosing the type of flooring you want to install is the main decision to make when getting new floors, but there are other decisions to be made too. One of these decisions is figuring out what type of baseboard molding to use to finish off the redesign.

Finish Off Your New Floors

Baseboards run around the base of the wall in a room and can be finished with a piece of molding to cover the gap between the baseboard and the floor. This molding is usually a 1/8-round molding or a larger, quarter-round molding. These bottom moldings are a great way to givquarter-round moldinge a project a more finished look, and can really show off your new floors! Floor Coverings International Jupiter has finished off many flooring projects in the Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County area with quarter-round molding, and recommend it for a classy, crisp look!

What Is Quarter-Round Molding?

Quarter-round molding is made from a long round dowel. Looking at the end of the cut dowel, a quarter-round will look like a quarter of a full circle. Both of the flat faces will be the same width, which is what rests on the baseboard and floors. These dowels are often very long in order to cover most of the length of a room and give a smooth look.

Get The Look In Your Jupiter Home

Moldings not only give a beautiful, finished look to a home but can also hide your home’s imperfections, smoothing the line between wall and flooring. If you aren’t sure how you want to finish off your new flooring, let our experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter help guide you! They come with years of experience serving the Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County area. If you’re ready to start your next flooring project, give our team a call for a free in-home consultation to see flooring samples from the comfort of your own home!

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