If you’re looking for an unconventional flooring material, but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is durable, water resistant, stain resistant, low maintenance, and easy on the feet. There are various types of rubber flooring with a wide range of style and design options, but not many people realize just how versatile this floor covering is. These are the rooms that are the most well suited to rubber flooring, from the professionals at Floor Coverings International of Jupiter and West Palm Beach, FL.

Home Gym

When people think of rubber flooring, one of the first rooms that they’re likely to think of is the gym. Rubber flooring is a traditional gym flooring type for a number of reasons. Firstly, due to its durability, it can stand up to the high activity levels of an athletic environment. You won’t have to worry about damaging your floors by dropping dumbbells with rubber floors, because their resilience will just cause your weights to bounce, rather than shatter your tiles or dent hardwood. Because rubber is water and stain resistant, you also don’t need to worry about spilling your sport drink or spraying sweat.


The kitchen is a less traditional place for rubber flooring, but its no less suited to them than a home gym is. Rubber is stain and water resistant, so you don’t have to fear for your floors while cooking and baking. Spills are easily cleaned from rubber, and the low maintenance means you can focus on other things. Because rubber flooring is soft underfoot, you won’t get sore soles standing around cooking or washing dishes. This is in contrast to the hardness of tile, which can cause foot aches and joint pain.


The bathroom is another room where tile is the more traditional flooring option. But rubber works just as well. Once more we have to emphasis the resistance to moisture as one of rubber’s biggest selling points. It will be safe from splashes in your bathroom. But another thing that rubber has going for it is its natural resistance to fungus and bacteria. These antimicrobial properties are perfect for rooms like bathrooms, which have such frequent humidity changes, making them prone to mold.

If you’re willing to get experimental and become a trendsetter with your flooring choice, try installing rubber flooring. Get inspiration from one of the design associates at Floor Coverings International of Jupiter and West Palm Beach by calling us today!