slate tile in kitchen If you are in the market to upgrade your flooring, you need to pick the right type of flooring for your living needs that will also create an aesthetically pleasing look. Many homeowners in the Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County  area find that using tile to adorn their floors offers several benefits over other flooring options. Here are the top types of tile Floor Coverings International Jupiter thinks you should consider when upgrading the flooring in your own home.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

Many people opt for porcelain tile in their kitchens as it is resistant to moisture damage. Since food and drinks tend to be spilled on the floor in the kitchen, porcelain makes sense for easy cleanup. Consider using a dark-colored grout to help mask staining between tiles. Porcelain also works well in entryways to the home to help keep moisture from outdoor precipitation from damaging flooring in these areas. In the bathroom, porcelain looks sharp while protecting the floor from moisture damage.

Slate Tile Flooring

Slate tile gives homes a rustic appearance with durable stone flooring meant to last. This type of flooring is known for its longevity and low maintenance. Slate is considered a long-term investment because of its lasting capability and it can add value to your home. Slate has a pleasing stone texture that many find comfortable underfoot. Cleaning slate is relatively easy and it is highly resistant to stains. It is the perfect choice for spa bathrooms since it’s not only functional but also can create a luxurious, spa-like appearance!

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Many people enjoy the smooth, cool texture and feel of ceramic tile. Ceramic flooring, like glass tile, retains cooler temperatures, making it a great option for homeowners in Florida. This type of flooring is a breeze to clean. Spills are easy to mop up and the risk of staining is minimal with routine cleaning. Unlike glass tile, ceramic tile is very tough and difficult to crack. This type of tile works well in high-traffic areas because of this durability.

If you are ready to upgrade the flooring in your home with tile installation, Floor Coverings International Jupiter will help you each step of the way, starting with a free in-home consultation! Book now or give our team a call to get started. Each of these flooring mediums provides rooms with a polished appearance with tile that is easy to maintain. Each selection is also durable, giving your home floor coverings that will last for a good number of years.

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