If you want to create a unique environment in your home, consider some of the following flooring options from the experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter! While they use a variety of flooring materials, the one thing they have in common is that they are not only creative but also extremely good looking in the right home environment.

West Palm Beach HardwoodPainted Floors

Painting a hardwood floor can be time-consuming but the end result is often well worth it. To get started, you will need to remove any existing varnish, sand the floor down, and then apply an oil-based primer. Once you’re done, you can then paint the floor the color or design of your choice. Alternatively, you can opt to paint only a part of the floor to highlight a particular area. We can also install different colored hardwood floors such as white or gray. Talk with your design associate to learn more!

Concrete floors can be painted as well. Like hardwood flooring, concrete must be sanded down before you start painting. You will want to fill in any holes or cracks in the floor, apply a primer, and then paint the floor using an epoxy paint.

Painting designs on ceramic or vinyl tile flooring is yet another option. Epoxy paint should be used on ceramic tiles. Those painting vinyl tiles should use a paint that has been specifically made for this purpose. Follow the instructions on the paint can to the letter and make sure your designs are error-free before you start painting.

Patterned Floors Made from Two Materials

Using two different flooring materials to create a pattern or design is sure to make the room in question stand out. Some individuals have paired two types of hardwood to create a checkered or parquet floor pattern that looks good in just about any room of the home. Others have used marble and granite tiles to create intricate patterns in the bathroom or kitchen.

Yet another creative idea you may want to consider is pairing wood with ceramic tiles. One designer did this for a bathroom by cutting wood in an undulated shape and placing it on the floor under the sink and toilet area. The rest of the floor was covered with small ceramic tiles to highlight the difference. The result was a bathroom with an extremely classy style of decor.

West Palm Beach Hardwood

Wood can also be paired with stone to delineate areas of the home. For instance, the entryway into the home may have stone flooring while the living room it leads into has hardwood flooring. The center of the hall may be hardwood flooring while the areas leading into bedrooms has stone flooring. Stone flooring can be used for the center of the kitchen while the kitchen perimeter and connected dining room has hardwood flooring.

These are just some of the many out of the box flooring options you may want to consider. Consider the style of decor you want your home to have, examine the cost of various materials, and talk to your local experts at Floor Coverings International Jupiter to see which flooring combination is right for your home. We proudly serve the greater Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County areas and look forward to working with you.

Photo Credit: PlusONE & Viachaslau Kraskouski