There are many great flooring choices and some not-so-great flooring choices. Some are plain; others are crazy or even odd. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary then here are a few options that you should consider. These options are great choices in certain locations but can stand out if not put in the right place.

Stone Floors

Stone floors are a great flooring option if you go with a traditional floor, but there are also stone floors that stand out as being out of place. The look of a stone floor like what you might find on a patio, around a pool, or in a garden stands out when it is located indoors. This option is creative and bold, but is difficult to work with if placed in the wrong part of a home.

Painted area rug/floor

Wood floors are a common option but painted wood floors make it unique. Common ideas include painting in an area rug to go under a table or piece of furniture. Others choose to paint a radially symmetric pattern to break up a larger open space. Painting the floor can also help hide blemishes and is easy to retouch if you want to add more paint later.

Vinyl or Laminate pattern

Vinyl and laminate are also common flooring options, but there are some designs that are not as common. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of looks and styles that make it possible to achieve a wide variety of looks. Common looks include wood, stone,  or a solid color. To make it unique, install different colored tiles in a checkerboard or symmetrical pattern. What is best probably depends on the shape and design of the room.

Having a unique floor will make your home memorable. There are many options to consider. If you want design or flooring help then contact the experts at Floor Coverings International of Jupiter. We can help you find a flooring option that fits your plan exactly.