With the first month of the year in the books, it’s a good time to take a look at both how and why Jupiter homeowners are using flooring to create some trendy looks in 2019.

Tile Entryway in Jupiter

Making a Great First Impression

Because they set the stage for the rest of the house, entryways are getting a lot of attention among those of us who plan to entertain friends and family more often this year. Ceramic tile is a classic choice for both the simple and intricate geometric designs that are making a return in 2019.

Glass Tile Flooring Jupiter

Getting Adventurous

Tile is being used in other areas in the home too. Bright, artistic mosaics are being used to convey a sense of personality and adventure through the home’s décor. While this trend is fun, not all tiles perform the same in high traffic areas. So, it’s important to use a tile that matches your needs.

Hardwood Flooring in Jupiter Living Room

Look Good, Feel Good

From a design perspective, dark hardwoods are great for use as a backdrop that helps the vibrant reds in chic furniture to pop. You can tone down this stark contrast a bit by using a cream area rug with a trendy floral print.

Design, however, is not the only factor homeowners in the Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County areas are taking into consideration when selecting a type of flooring. They also want to feel good about their choice.

Domestically sourced hardwood floors are also a popular, eco-friendly choice. Because they can last several times longer than other types of flooring, they require fewer materials and less energy to produce and transport. Additionally, the U.S. Forestry Service actively manages many species of domestic hardwoods to prevent deforestation.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Jupiter Bathroom

Relax and Save in Style

Many homeowners are also concerned with getting a good value. Luxury vinyl is an affordable, comfortable, and stylish option that can be used to create a variety of looks. For example, you can use a light-colored wood-look luxury vinyl to create the trendy private spa feel in your bathroom. And, because luxury vinyl is waterproof, you won’t have to worry about the moisture ruining your floors.

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