Nylon Carpet West Palm Beach FLNylon carpet is a popular choice for homes in the greater Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County areas. Nylon makes up 90 percent of the carpeting in residential homes because it’s a durable and inexpensive material that naturally resists staining, wear, and mildew.

In addition to its durability, nylon carpet is also easy to clean. This makes it an ideal choice for areas of the home with high levels of foot traffic such as hallways, living rooms, and family rooms. If you live in a house with small children or have another reason to anticipate spills, you may want to consider nylon carpet that has been specially treated to prevent stains. This makes cleanup especially easy because it traps the liquid on top of the carpet fibers.

Nylon carpet comes in two general categories: staple and bulk continuous filament. Staple carpet has short strands of yarn that are twisted together to create a tuft. This style tends to shed, but it also has a softer look and feel. Bulk continuous filament is made of long, continuous strands of yarn that are bulked and twisted together.

Your West Palm Beach Nylon Carpet Experts

With so many choices in fibers, styles, colors, and patterns, it’s smart to start your carpeting purchase with a free in-home estimate and design consultation from Floor Coverings International Jupiter! Our trained design associates will ask a lot of questions to help determine the best carpet for your unique home. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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