red oak flooring JupiterHere at Floor Coverings International Jupiter, we know that homeowners love hardwood flooring for its traditional and timeless appearance. Out of the countless hardwood species on the market, however, oak hardwood flooring stands out for its timelessness and popularity amongst local homeowners. Our experts have compiled a list of everything you need to know about red oak hardwood to determine if this is the right flooring choice for your Jupiter home.

Red Oak Hardwood Basics

Oak hardwood is grown throughout North America and is the most commonly used hardwood species domestically. The oak species includes white oak and red oak, both of which are popular amongst homeowners as traditional flooring choices. These two types of oak differ in a few ways, especially in their durability and appearance. Red oak has historically been the more popular of the two, and it provides a uniquely warm and traditional appearance.

Red Oak Flooring Durability

Red oak hardwood is so common that it is used as the standard for durability on the Janka hardness scale. This scale determines the durability of a hardwood by measuring the pressure required to press a metal ball halfway into a plank of wood. Red oak hardwood has a score of 1,290 on this scale, which is traditionally the standard that other hardwoods must meet in order to be considered durable.

While red oak is durable, it does not have the highest score on this scale. Many other hardwoods rank above it, some even scoring over 3,000. Red oak’s unique rating promises that it will be durable against dents and scratches in the home, but it won’t be so dense that it creates discomfort underfoot.

Oak Flooring Style and Appearancered oak hardwood flooring jupiter

Red oak is characterized by its wide, bold graining. The natural patterns of this hardwood create an organic and traditional appearance that many homeowners find appealing. To best take advantage of red oak’s graining, go with wide plank hardwood. This will most effectively show the wood’s natural patterns.

Unlike white oak, red oak has a pinkish hue that gives it a warm, traditional appearance. This hardwood is also easily stained, allowing homeowners to customize their floors without too much hassle.

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Red oak hardwood flooring provides a traditional and timeless look that is bound to add warmth to any Jupiter home. Contact Floor Coverings International Jupiter today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect hardwood for your home. We proudly serve Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.

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