glass tile in bathroomIf you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom in your Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County home, nothing says opulence like glass tile.  Glass tile is hot right now and you can make a bold statement by installing glass tile floors or a tile backsplash. You’ll be amazed at the benefits of glass tile and you’ll love how you’ll impress your guests the next time you have a get-together. Floor Coverings International Jupiter has seen glass tile work well for many different types of projects.

Why Use Glass Tile?

Glass tile has been around a long time, and yet, it has often been underused in modern times. The Romans used glass tiles extensively in their floors and frescos, which gives you the idea of the staying power of glass tile.  The benefits of glass tile are numerous: it’s easy to clean, it resists mold and mildew, and it’s incredibly durable.  Tile floors just make sense in places like the bathroom and kitchen, where the floors and walls can get wet and dirty easily.

Glass Tile Brightens Your Home

Glass has the natural property to refract and reflect light, causing the space it’s in to look bigger and brighter. If there’s a place in your home that is dark or is small, glass tile will immediately brighten the area and make it appear bigger than it is. Use glass tiles as a backsplash and as flooring in the kitchen and it will brighten your kitchen and make it feel more welcoming.

Not Just for Floors: Glass Tile Backsplashes

There are so many colors, shapes, and sizes when it comes to glass tile that you may start thinking of patterns and even mosaics on your walls to add a unique touch to your bathroom or living area. Not only does it open up an area, but creates a focal point for the room that may have once been ignored. You’ll be delighted with the patterns you can make and the seemingly limitless colors, shapes, and sizes of the tile that you can use. When a professional installer lays the tiles, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful they look.  Your home in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County becomes unique and an extension of you and your character.

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, think glass tile flooring, walls, and backsplash. Learn more and schedule a free in-home estimate when you call Floor Coverings International Jupiter!

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